Car Simulator

An XBOX, PlayStation, Wii and PC compatible game driving simulator cockpit

These days the racing chairs supply the very best experience thinkable when racing your favourite home driving games from GT5 to Forza 3. Seated in such a video game simulator in the proper driving position is the perfect platform for racing drivers to examine all intercontinental speedways before they race on them, even for the avid and ardent driving car game player searching to experience the closest thing possible to being in a WRC or Formula One car.
Computer games are very captivating, so they were worthy of being played with something more fitting than a miserable controller. So, the OpenWheeler Xbox racing seat allowed gamers to be engrossed with the whole racing experience. The OpenWheeler video game racing simulator was devised for the extremely earnest driving addicts.

The perfect worth for your money

The car racing game simulators get-at-able on the marketplace offer a vast selection of specifications, but in a way the cost of most of the products isn't worth the quality. If you wish to avail of the specifications of the best car game driving seat at a reasonable rate and have space for it - then nothing comes any closer to the OpenWheeler car simulator. The charge for OpenWheeler stretches from 200-300 pounds ($300-$500 USD) and differentiates manifestly from the startling 26,000 British Pounds (more than 42,000 USD!), the Vision Racer price spectrum. Do not be so dumbfounded with such a parallel. If you are a pro money isn't a problem and OpenWheeler will make your hopes come true. By paying the reasonable fee of 270 GBP, you will enjoy excellent quality, reliability and comfort.

Car Simulator

Compatibility with all types of steering wheels, game controllers, home driving games and adjustable pedal mounting plates

The OpenWheeler video game Xbox racing chair will accommodate all contemporary PS 2, PlayStation3, Xbox360, Wii and PC home racing game wheels, and supports a full spectrum of shelves, rendering it compatible with the Logitech Force GT, G25, G27, Logitech EX, Fanatec Porsche, Thrustmaster T500 video game driving wheels and the official Xbox 360 Microsoft wireless game driving wheel. Pedals are also held firmly in place by adjustable stoppers rendering it suitable for all body proportions.

The OpenWheeler video game driving simulator features

With OpenWheeler Xbox gaming seat you acquire the most lifelike racing experience you can have with your home video game system in your own home, garage or workshop. OpenWheeler offers flexible driving positioning support to match child and full-grown gamers of all shapes and sizes. Changing position takes seconds, using two easy-twist knobs and the telescopic home racing simulation game wheels and the official Xbox 360 Microsoft wireless home driving simulation game wheel column. The chassis is astonishingly stable, permitting even the bulkiest players to hurl themselves in the abruptest of curves. Swiftly assembled or folded away - it takes less than 30 seconds. It guarantees superior build quality and it's a great amusement for the entire household.

What's in the package?

Each OpenWheeler is securely transported and will be delivered in excellent state each time. Every case includes everything you require:
1. An ultra functional and light OpenWheeler Xbox gaming chair;
2. A solid, special finished, exceptionally durable chassis;
3. Velcro band for additional grip below your driving simulation game wheel and pedals;
4. A wrench and an Allen key for super rapid and effortless assembly;
5. Hard floor protection pads;