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Web hosting is the solution that makes it conceivable for a web portal to be available online and accessible from any country on earth. Plenty of individuals and enterprises at present own a web page. The latter allows them to get to millions of individuals at any moment, finding brand new friends or gaining potential clients. Frequently, the stability and the speed of a web portal are in fact as crucial as its look or subject matter. Regardless of how well-devised an online portal may be, if it is frequently offline or does not operate in an appropriate manner, a lot of viewers will simply relinquish it as an undependable one. Hence, it is crucial to select a web hosting supplier, which furnishes rock-steady and dependable hosting services, and which guarantees that the web pages it accommodates are reachable 24/7/365.

There are 2 types of web hosts - the first one provides the service and offers it directly to the customers, whereas the second one resells hosting services purchased from a bigger hosting provider.


To meet the demand for moderately priced, but reliable hosting services, vendors initiated an intermediate web space hosting solution - the virtual hosting server. This is a virtual simulation of a web hosting server that works precisely like a dedicated servers hosting and is much more powerful than any shared web hosting package. At the same time, as plenty of accounts are set up on the same physical hosting server and each client pays for their account, the cost of a virtual hosting server account is markedly lower than the cost of a dedicated web server. A basic VPS plan is slightly more expensive than the most advanced shared web hosting package, but its system resources excel decidedly those of the shared hosting account.

Each specific account is isolated from the rest of the accounts on the hosting server, so each virtual private web hosting server can run a different Operating System and be restarted independently from the other ones. The virtual private web servers are managed via a virtualization console where clients can have a glimpse at all running processes and abort or reboot them, update server-side software, watch the consumed and the available resources, and much more. OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, Virtual PC and VMware are just several instances of software programs utilized for setting up and handling VPS server accounts. They have diverse requirements with respect to the central processing unit architecture, the OSs they are compatible with, and so on. For example, Virtuozzo can function on physical machines with x86 or AMD64 processors, can be activated on a hosting server running both Windows and Linux Operating Systems, and permits both of these Operating Systems to be activated on the actual Virtual Private Servers.


If you would like to have a web site, this implies that you require a domain. A domain name is a human-identifiable name that you type in your web browser's URL bar when you desire to access a given site.

Each web site is located on a physical machine. That physical machine has its own physical address, known also as an Internet Protocol address. Accessing a website by writing the IP of the physical server in your browser, however, is not the best and most appropriate thing to do, so that was how and why domains appeared. Hence, a domain name corresponds to an IP on the web. Once it has been registered, that is.

Car Simulator

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